Sunday, November 07, 2010

Brisbane - Best coach in the league, best player (Broich) leading to - the best style of play...

13,300 sounded like 30,000.

Imagine what 20,000 will sound like?

Coming with us?


orangecrush said...

This makes me MAD!! We have a game like that and a half decent crowd followed by ...... one weekend home game in the next 6 weeks!!! Will probably lose much of the supporter momentum of the past couple of weeks.

Whoever came up with this draw should be sacked!

Teams with midweek games are even scheduled to play on the previous Sunday and the following Saturday making 3 games in 6 days (as we will have on 14, 17 and 20 Nov).

john said...

Best you can say is the FFA may have focusing on world cup bid.

Where is the fox role?

Bottom line is that twice is enough against most teams and has been for years.

BTW Broich is in Germany and back for Sunday's game (because he won't get home at Christmas.

orangecrush said...

You know, for the first time I am actually confident that we could still get the job done without Broich. While he was his usually dominant self ... I don't think he had a hand in any of the goals.

orangecrush said...

I have a feeling the crowd for NQ will be huge if the weather is good. Lot of chat on various forums about people bringing friemds who've never been. I have a few mates (and some of their kids) signed up to attend. RACQ has a 2 for 1 ticket offer also.

john said...

for tomorrow night?
It would be a surprise to see it mid week.

Their team is Straka and Hughes. CCM (or anyone else) shouldn't be allowed to buy Hughes.

orangecrush said...

Sorry about the confusion - I mean, Roar vs NQ at Suncorp on 20/11/10.

orangecrush said...

Caught up with McKay and Redmayne at the Coffee Club. Sounds like Franjic and Steffanuto are still out and Enrique has only just started light running.

A club official said they are hoping for 20k crowd at the next home game.