Saturday, November 06, 2010

Brisbane 4 v Adelaide 0 - now it is cool again to wear orange

In the opening 15 minutes of the second half, Brisbane ripped Adelaide apart. All of a sudden Adelaide's defence looked dodgy and didn't improve until Cornthwaite was replaced.

Broich was the star for the Roar. But the standout, despite Kosta's 2 goals, was Mundy who - particularly in the second half - ran and ran.

Why was Reinaldo sent off? Clearly he was the victim of a last man foul and it should have been an Adelaide defender with the long walk. But that is idiosyncratic Matthew Breeze for you, his refing is capable of any result. Including not giving Adelaide a penalty in the first half. I am assuming Reinaldo got one yellow when he took his shirt off after scoring a great goal and another for back chat? And it took Breeze a few minutes to realise he had already booked him.

We are top of the league. And Adelaide have Central Coast breathing down their neck.


Hamish said...

Pitty about the women's poor star yesterday, but yep, a good time for the haz-chem orange.

Hamish said...

I wasn't there last night, but with 13,000+ it must have been a pretty cool atmosphere.

Can the Roar crack 15,000 again? Keep winning like this and they'll get a 20,000+ final series again.

They won't win forever though, just by nature of the game. So if they get a good break this season I hope they use the bonus to continue engaging community, community, community. That's the only way for them to stay sustainable when the losing starts again (speaking of the inevitabilities of time; not trying to be negative).

orangecrush said...

The irony is that if Breeze had remembered that he'd already given Reinaldo a card he probably would not have had the guts to give him the second one.

Ange pulled all the right strings.
As previously highlighted, Nichols off the bench once the gaps open up is great (after Murdocca has run Adelaide ragged). No excuse for not starting Solarzano next game. Funnily, my biggest worry about the loss of Reinaldo is that we will only have Paartalu and deVere with any height when defending set plays. Reinaldo actually clears a fair few corners.

On Mundy - thought he was pretty average in the first half, and still not super confident on the ball, but was very good defensively in the 2nd half.

Amazingly, even after 6 games in 21days and with 10 men, we still seemed to have the extra man and looked more likely to score.

john said...

Thanks Hamish
Yes I believe that 25,000 for home games is on the cards. And if they keep winning then a 52,000 home final.

The hurdle is the local press. Even today the report on the game is buried on page 94 of 104. The back page is a non story about someone who isn't going to play for the Broncos.

Actually, orangecrush - we may find out how good Solorzano is.