Friday, November 05, 2010

Fury 0 v CCM 1 - not really a fair game

It was clear that the Fury and their home fans went away from this game unhappy. CCM dominated the first half. But Fury were the better side in the second half. And the CCM goalkeeper had to deliberately trip David Williams on 80 minutes to keep the 3 points for CCM. Amazingly, the ref gave a corner kick. Amazing because no CCM player, including the guilty keeper, touched the ball.

Unfortunately, FFA seem to be throwing inexperienced refs and assistants at Fury.

Also it would be far better to take the heat out of the situation by allowing the very popular Straka and connected MacLaren to speak out. Muzzled, it just looks like FFA are happy to squeeze the life out NQ.

An undeserved 3 points to the Mariners.

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