Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Wellington 1 v Brisbane 4: Murdocca rips Wellington apart

So Sydney was the dress rehearsal for Massimo's new role in ghosting forward and shooting. Early in the second half Reinaldo set him up beautifully wafter a long run and an angled back ball from near the goal. That time Murdocca's shot cannoned off the post. Second time Solorzano released him on an unwatched / unmarked run.

Kosta was great. And again rubbed Herbert the Herbert's nose in the fact he doesn't seem to be interested in young New Zealand players. Again it was Reinaldo that held the ball up and set-up the goal on 4 minutes with a cross field pass - left to right before it came back right to centre for Kosta to stoke in.

Wellington countered for most of the rest of the half, equalising on 36 minutes with a great lob from Brown. Before Broich got his revenge on a kicking he was getting from North by using North's arm on route to goal. Like Victory on Adelaide's Leckie, Wellington targeted violence on Broich. But Thomas was outstanding, setting up goals and near goals.

Mitch finished off the night with a ball from Broich that found him unmarked at the top of the right side of the box.

Now Brisbane is top. And Ange looks like a future Socceroos coach. Will Brisbane come out to watch their team against Adelaide on Saturday?

(Note Brisbane needed to win this match as they have now played 3 more games than 3rd placed Central Coast.)

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