Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's on

Wellington 0 v Central Coast 3 (I think Riki should have either picked more New Zealanders in his squad or left when the foreign teams wanted him as coach. Don't the World Cup demonstrate the locals are good enough - even the local leaguers?)

Newcastle 3 v Adelaide 0

This is either Central Coast making their run, or Brisbane getting a game ahead.

Central Coast have only played 12 games. So if they win their next 3 they would be top by at least 1 point - as at round 15 (whatever round 15 is, as some others will be way beyond that). And Brisbane would be ruing that it could have won all 5 of its draws - particularly the Sydney and Gold Coast games.

But if the Roar can beat Heart and Central Coast don't win its next 3, then Brisbane will be the clear leader. Pity - or maybe it is a plus - that the draw is creating such confusion. Look at Newcastle, if it wins its next 3 games having played only 12 it will be top 6. And what looked like a crisis will have been a none event.

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