Sunday, November 21, 2010

Brisbane 1 v NQ 1 - lead in their boots

In Europe they have squads of 60. They can play 3 games week after week.

Brisbane have players on long term injury and players taking long international flights intra-week.

Once again Brisbane stop or escape the great moves but concede the soft goals. the Williams / Edds goal on 9 minutes was soft as you like.

Fury played Jason Spagnuolo centre forward, with Payne on the bench. They were here to defend and they did it very well.

I haven't heard of Western Australian referee Josh Mihevc before. I understand he refs youth league matches. He and his assistants, missed 2 penalties for the Roar and adjudged Solorzano offside when he was onside at a key moment. FFA seem to be giving Fury the inexperienced refs and often they have been on the wrong side of poor decisions.


orangecrush said...

It seems that this year the refs and assistants are thrown away the concept of giving any advantage to teh attacking team. I've never seen so many penalties not awarded and offsides incorrectly given. In past seasons when on the receiving end of those decisions, Moore and Tiatto would have spat the dummy, got carded and led the team to certain defeat. This year's team is far tougher mentally.

john said...

yes they even were tolerant of Fury's appalling time wasting