Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Brisbane's next game is tomorrow afternoon 4:30pm AEST - away in Wellington

As the season rolls on it is becoming clear that whoever designed the fixture list year did not think about the marketplace. It is a shame. Certainly it has been clear since season 1 that there is no requirement from the fans for teams to play each other 3 times. It was also clear from the first mid-week game, that there is no demand nor commercial driver - possibly even from Fox - for mid week games. Who will watch at 4:30pm tomorrow? School kids? They don't even recognise the players.

It is just disappointing.

Are the FFA and the players really living a dream about re-creating a European scenario of mid week games? Apart from anything else the clubs that do that well have squads of 60 players.


orangecrush said...

You'd think Fox would at leats schedule a replay on one of their channels for prime time ... but alas.

Red face for me - Murdocca scores (almost 2) AND we score from a well-placed cross with a striker tapping in ... Glad to be proven wrong!!

john said...

I guess that is what IQ is for? The only way I can get across all the games.

Yes the Murdocca thing (getting forward and shooting) is clearly a part of the overall game plan. Roar are getting very sophisticated on a very simple game plan.