Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Tomorrow we will know...

The A-League has picked up a notch. No doubt about it. Some teams will forge ahead. For the first time perhaps, others will not.

Sydney FC are starting to look the business. We wouldn't expect less from Melbourne. Brisbane have kept a solid crew together. Newcastle, Central Coast, Wellington, Perth? Who knows. If the new players can lift them. Probably. And Fury - the summer heat is going to help and Robbie will bring the fans.

But after tomorrow we will know about Gold Coast FC. Miron has been driven by a desire to get back face. The pain started in Queensland Lions brief stays in the NSL and the taunting from John Kosmina. But he has now outlived John. Then it was the ignominious way he left the Roar. A team who could have promoted into the limelight as football director, but as an under-funded coach, well their was little to be done. Now he has a very very classy team. And a string of to wins - most a lot to nothing - behind him. He will be feeling his return to Lang Park - Suncorp. The A-League's Brian Cough? Well not as coach. But certainly the same voice.

A victory against against Fulham will provide real metal to the shots across the bows...

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