Friday, July 17, 2009

Football Superstar

I am not so big on reality TV. But if you are going to have it, this one is probably for me. I only watched the last 2 episodes. Which was enough.

The idea was a top 50 of young football players is reduced to one - selected and then signed by Melbourne Victory for the upcoming A-League season. Last year, with John Kosmina doing the selection for Sydney FC, I thought it sounded like a risk. Then we saw Sydney play and the winner got injured before setting out on the park.

This year was Ernie Merrick's turn. The 'superstars' were put through the Victory's regime and health and fitness tests. And got to play some interesting games. Like against Gold Coast Utd FC - imagine if they'd won that - could have turned the whole season upside down ;)

But we did get some insight's into Ernie. And actually he has a hole lot more personality than you would think from watching him at the A-League. Also he has a very attacking philosophy that he trains and selects to. He wants players who are always looking for goals, looking to pass forward (as opposed to Frank 'If we need to go back, we go back.') and he likes strikers to face goal and take their first touch towards goal.

And the winner? 'Luke' from a Scots family in Canberra, I think. What a coincidence Ernie.

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