Sunday, July 12, 2009

Brisbane RFC 0 v Celtic 3

Celtic had a clutch. They watched the Roar's game for most of the first half. Then double-d-clutched. From fast to fast to faster still. They saw the Roar playing their tight places, short passing game. And just nipped in and pitched the ball in Brisbane's half. Twice in some few minutes. The first time they swung the ball wide left, Mundy did well but was not fast enough, and whipped it back in for a great headed goal. Second time it was Sergio whose pass was too slow and short. And Celtic cut Brisbane up the middle. The third and softest goal was in the second half. then it was all slowed down to nothing. 3 was enough.

Before the first goal it looked fairly even. And Brisbane had its share of chances. Mitch got away in the first few minutes. For half the game Robbie Kruse was everywhere - even got a card for not being back 10 yards on a free kick (rubbish refing for a friendly).

But the Celtic back line, 4 across, was just too quick. Noone got too close. No one had enough space to shoot. Sergio in particular was made to look slow and clumsy in the air.

Great to have Matt McKay back. Brattan played a good cameo. Bob Malcolm came on when the game was over but showed how solid he is (we will need him against GCFC). But Brisbane's best was Henrique - he was as fast as the Celtics. Miller looked OK but the Celtics had him covered.

We could have done with some hale Mary shots, we took too many touches. Smits, also on late, missed a sitter, trying to change feet (or something).

3 goals and three streakers.

There was also some real lessons for the FFA who, I think, ran ticketing. If you look closely at the attached photos you will see that nearly all the top price seating was empty - that is where the Roar members sit, either they didn't go or went for cheaper seats. Of the 31,000, I would say at least 20,000 were for Celtic. I hope someone did their sums on this one as an opportunity to expand the game could have been lost (45,000 went to see Brisbane thrash Geelong last night). I am a bit concerned about the crowd size for this year.


Hamish said...

Thanks for this wrap John, which is much more detailed about the actual game than mine.

I do think Robbie deserved his Yellow, and I'd called it before the ref. He was losing control of his senses before that, had kicked the ball away from a stopped play twice, and even from the top level I could feel the ref getting pissed off with him. In the instance it was not just that he wasn't back 10 yards - he intentionally stopped the free-kicked ball from about 2 yards. Completely unprofessional, and especially because he'd already been obfuscatory, the ref had no choice but to caution him, in my honest opinion.

john said...

OK Hamish

ABC 612 reconed he missed 2 one-on-ones with their keeper. Occasionally at least he looked brilliant.

Hamish said...

I agree entirely that Robbie was an inspiration in the first period. I think he must have been given a license to rove, because he seemed to be everywhere, looking threatening up front, making runs up (both) wings and (twice) clearing balls off the line. Credit to the ref too - he drew I think five penalties when the Celtic players resorted to barelling him over.

There's no doubt in my mind that he can be a serious weapon in the A-League this season, but his self-control issues are, in my observation, not just off the field. Can Frank harness him without stifling him? That is the question.