Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How is this good for the A-League?

Fox Sports have covered the Gold Coast boycott. Really this can not be allowed to stand. The financially strongest team in the A-League is threatening the viability of one of the less strong clubs. This is not good for the sport. How will the FFA respond?

"I won't be going to the game for sure, I don't think it's worth it," said Palmer. "I am making a statement - it speaks for itself.

"I would also encourage our fans to stay home on the Coast and catch the game on TV like me."

Palmer upped the ante further by also suggesting he would not be unhappy were Bleiberg to field an under-strength team for a derby he is confident will deliver three premiership points for the flamboyant newcomers - with or without a fully-laden line-up.' Fox Sports.

"I think Miron could pepper the team with some of the younger players," he said.'

The irony is that Fury may have attracted a bigger crowd than Gold Coast at Lang Park as the opener. Brisbane v Gold Coast may have been better in the 5th or 6th round. Fowler has more fans and these fans may have viewed it as a better game.

This is unprecedented. I just do not understand this bitter anti-Australian football stand. Can it be tolerated? In my view, Gold Coast are saying 'we have money, we are bigger than the game, we are going to show you how much you need us'.


Ed said...

yep, palmer is a mug - I cant stand GCU already. meanwhile the Roar have been trying to outdo Gold Coast on the anti-promotion front. Tonight drove down to see the final warm up game against Rochedale Rovers, only to find that only the youth team were playing, complete with a very disgruntled Robbie Kruse playing in defence...

Anyone know something I dont about this?

john said...

thanks Ed

hope they know they are all playing for their careers.

Bill said...

Completely agree with you. Regardless of what we might think of some of the FFA's decisions sometimes, the fact is that the draw is their decision, and they have to cater to 10 teams' preferences etc, not just 1. What's more, GC have 14 home games when some other teams (including other new boys North Qld) have 13.

Having a whinge when every little thing doesn't go their way is not endearing them to anybody, and I dare say it would be leaving a sour taste in the mouths of a lot of their supporters.

Anonymous said...

sorry, but i can`t help but feel a bit of schadenfreude on this one ...
the ffa didn`t know about his reputation when they welcomed him into the fold?

nothing that he has done is out of character. this is clive palmer.

and yes, he is a mug.


john said...

Bill this has gone way beyond a 'winge' it looks like they are trying to damage Brisbane as a club. This is threatening the whole A-League.

FFA must act decisively.

Thanks Clayton.