Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hey FFA where are you spending your advertising dollars?

The season starts in 9 days.

A whole heap of great new match ups.

Brisbane v Gold Coast etc etc.

Does anyone who is not all connected up in this game every know?

Build and they will come eh FFA? I hope you don't end up sorry.


Ed said...

You are so right - it is rubbish - I had to ring around most of my mates and tell them that the season was starting and tickets were on sale - most had no idea. The idea that the game has been moved to suncorp to allow for a bigger crowd is laughable - if there is more than the 25,000 that would have fitted in skilled there on the 8th I will eat my hat (and clive palmer's hair piece for good measure). Lets not forget that last season the roar played melbourne in a top of the table clash and only got 11,000. The Roar are simpley terrible at marketing themselves, as far as I can work out even the major supporters group have given up their internet site. I sound like a broken record on this but guys like Zullo and Moore should be marketing gold - there should be kids in every school team wanting to play left wing like Zullo etc etc. The product is good (no matter what the euro snobs say) but it needs more exposure, folks need to be persuaded. Arh rant rant rant...

john said...

Yep Ed. I am trying to be positive. But do these people really know what they are doing? I know van Dyjk could be great but the promo must be Moore and Zullo.

It is sad that the ego of ownership seems to be more important than success.

If game 1 is a crowd failure, it will be hard to recover.

I hope they something I do not.

john said...


'I hope they know something I do not.'

Hamish said...

Can't help agreeing John. The Roar vs Celtic game, also, should have been close to a sell-out. Just days before the event I was explaining to people - people who love football - what it was. Where was the marketing?

Celtic's marketting was obviously good - 20,000 hooped supporters. Only 15,000 others. Pathetic, for not just a great showpiece game, with direct backing from the State Government, but a unique, once-in-a-lifetime cultural experience.

They didn't try.

Anonymous said...

they don`t know what they are doing, do they?

hopefully someone will come along and show them how to do it.

did the victory do a good job, or were they lucky to have a sprawling soccer community waiting for a team to support?


john said...

Thanks Clayton

Victory had Geoff Lord who is a courageous business person. He learnt from being an AFL chair. he saw with the opportunity and knew how to develop it. That is what Brisbane need someone like that. Or, like AFL, FFA take over all ticketing and buy in some top skills to do it professionally. It is a real profession. AFL is among the best in the world.

Anonymous said...

with the quiet lead in to this season, i dunno if i would trust the a-league to know how to promote and grow clubs either ...

their legalistic not-respecting-glory`s history stance a whiles back, and their anti-safe-standing and anti-supporters groups stands also make me wonder what they are about as well.


john said...

Thanks Clayton
First season they were hauling people out of Lang Park for swearing...