Saturday, July 11, 2009

John in the wild west .... of Sydney

Highlight one:

A slightly nervous flier, I whipped out 'The Damned United' as soon as the taxiing began:

'You are lifted onto a stretcher. You are carried off on the stretcher - ... You are lifted onto a plinth and a white sheet. There is blood everywhere, through the sheet onto the plinth, down the plinth onto the floor..'
This wasn't helping my stomach and we're not off the ground yet. I plough forward into the book and get its rhythm. One passage inside Brian's head at Leeds. Another months before when he was still at Derby. Then forward then back. I get it. ....

Highlight two

My train draws in from the west to Strathfield station. And is, large as life, Frank Farina is a handing me a football. Well a poster of him anyway advertising Paddy's markets.

Highlight three

Andrew Demetriou travels to western Sydney to announce the 18th AFL team. And gives us insight into his plan. While he expects this team to generate a great derby for the Swans, he isn't expecting it to be a popular team. So why is it happening? To cover off the growing popularity of football and attract the soccer mums and kids to his TV ratings and draft feeds...

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