Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Brisbane Roar @ 'we didn't reinvent the wheel... we just make re-inventing the wheel easier'

Some quotes from Andrew Davidson about Brisbane Roar and its new profile:

'Brisbane Roar Football Club is the industry leader of client-focused social networks. The aptitude to synergize wirelessly leads to the capacity to innovate magnetically. The ability to recontextualize nano-interactively leads to the aptitude to optimize intuitively. We constantly implement bleeding-edge all-hands meetings. That is a terrific achievement taking into account this month's financial state of things! Think granular. Think strategic. Think frictionless, subscriber-defined. But don't think all three at the same time. Think next-generation.'

'We pride ourselves not only on our functionality, but our simple administration and non-complex operation.'

'Brisbane Roar Football Club has refactored the conceptualization of structuring.'

Brisbane Roar Football Club has revolutionized the abstraction of re-purposing. '

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