Sunday, July 19, 2009

Brisbane RFC 1 v Newcastle UJFC 2

Last year it was Tommy Oar, before than Kruse and Zullo. This year it is Luke Brattan. And he is the best of the lot. Seriously. He is seriously good. When he came on in this game he dominated. Everyone. Even Ljubo Milicevic. He is everywhere in the middle, running the ball forward, pushing it wide, getting it back, tracking back, tackling - hard. Brattan is no 25 above.

Before Brattan came on it was Henrique and Kruse doing all the heavy lifting. May be Hamish is right about Kruse. Perhaps he is too ill disciplined for the professional level. Most of the time he was upstaging Newcastle defenders and they were kicking him as hard as they could. Most of the time the ref just let them - Ontong did get a yellow card. Then there was a goal mouth scramble and Kruse gets it off the line. The ref says he used his hand, and sends him off. Thanks a lot ref.

I got to the game a few minutes late and Newcastle had already scored. But from then on it was all Brisbane. All that Newcastle had in the first half was Milicevic banging the ball long and wide. Song was entertaining and trying for a step-over record. But I'm glad we have Henrique, he looked much more dangerous.

Sergio scored a thunderbolt just before half time. In the second half Newcastle tried to go more central but still Brisbane dominated possession. McKay looked speedy particularly pushing down the left and cutting in. Packer had a fairly good game. Moore was very good and very committed. Mundy and DeVere looked more at home than against Celtic. Van Dyk had a few good shots but was occasionally wasteful with possession. Kruse had a valley chance in the second half. And Mitch was away and through before being pulled down - only a yellow there - after the Kruse episode I expected a red.

Newcastle didn't play that well. But they won so that speaks for them. And when Fabio Vignaroli and if they get this new Chinese guy...

But the second half of the second half was Luke Brattan. Magic.


Archives said...

I'm sorry I missed it. Thanks for the wrap John. It's the best available by far. That's what blogging's for I guess, and you give me much more hope than the scoreline itself would have.


Hamish said...

Whoops! 'Archives' is me of course. Hamish.

ed said...

Thought it was all a bit scrappy my self - until Brattan came on that is, he is quality - never flashy but he does, he does well. The ball is a magnet to him becasue he gets in the right positions and makes himself available.

I'm not really sure what Sarota's go is, he only ever seems half there - loping around next to players passing backwards. Hope Brattan has moved above him in the subs list, he is the man to dcover massy in the middle I recon especially with big bob next to him.

john said...

Thanks Hamish and Ed

Ed would be great to meet sometime. I share your views on Sarota.

Eamonn said...

whoo hoo Celtic pumped ya's, but sure you enjoyed the Celtic fan fervour.

John I'm trying to get in touch with you via email but don't have an address

we're aiming to get an A-League fanzine going,

and would love some Qsld input. Don't want them sufferners taking over football do ya?

If you know anyone else up north let em know. Can read some details on me blog Got ten writers so far and reckon you and the lad Hamish could add something. Or pass on to other Roar, or Qsld fans if you know any good writers, fanzine style so anything goes I guess



And you're midfield is stuffed innit, but Mitch Nichols is gold and could save the day.