Wednesday, July 08, 2009

GCFC 2 v Fulham 1: EPL gets a lesson

A mate of mine went down to Skilled on a cold Wednesday night, to be among a disappointingly small crowd (10,400). It was perhaps an under-promoted game. And the Fulham was in the paper getting his excuses in before the game. Still, the newest A-League team gave Australians who watch the EPL and refuse the A-League a lesson. It is really over to Brisbane RFC to push that message home on Sunday against Celtic.

This will lead to more Australians returning home. And I doubt we will see Fulham again. I am not sure what Fulham did on the Gold Coast to promote the game. But it has to be said Celtic have been fantastic - holding open training sessions and training local Brisbane youth.

As for tonight's game, Fulham went 0-1 up but a blatant hand ball penalty against them was reported to have been missed by the ref. Schwarzer went off at half time and the goals came for GCFC.

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