Saturday, July 25, 2009

Owners (part 1)

Since leaving the Roar in November 2006, Miron Bleiberg has acted like a man with something fundamental to prove. He is hit hard by the way he felt he was treated by the 'Owners' of the Queensland Roar. Since he has sought vindication and to prove them wrong and him right.

So what were 'they', the Owners, so wrong about? Simple, their investment in the club. I believe with intent or otherwise, Miron's beef is about the lack of money spent by the Owners on the Club and players. And that this underspend and not his coaching, led to under performance on the field, which in turn led to inadequate crowd attendance to make the club viable.

The first point is that Frank Farina is a better coach than Miron.

The second point is that Miron is right. Frank has got the Roar to 3rd and no further twice in a row because the 'Owners' would not fund a $1 to 2 million crash through player for at least a guest stint. The lack of such a spotlight has also limited the potential crowd at Lang Park. And that both these factors worked against the 'Owners' investment.

Third, Gold Coast's team is so strong that they are going to do well this year irrespective of the coaching quality. Or put it another way, Miron's coaching skills are good enough to win with the talent he has bought at Gold Coast. This is possible with the salary cap because a host of players have wanted to play - for less than they are worth - with quality players - that are getting paid what they are worth.

Miron seems to be proving that he has a better commercial brain than the 'Owners'.

However and unfortunately, the potential crowd is still in Brisbane and is yet to be proved on the Gold Coast.

It would take a lot of passion and courage to be an owner of a football club. There is very little evidence of clubs making anything like a normal return on investment over a reasonable period of time - say 10 years. There are plenty of EPL stats that show this.

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