Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hey Miron what are you doing?

It isn't on the online version, but in today's Courier Mail there is a report, page 89, that Miron is boycotting A-League promotions because the opening game of the season was swapped from Gold Coast home to Brisbane home.

It said he missed the Unicef event for Queensland teams, will miss the Sydney season launch and won't say anything to promote the opener Brisbane v Gold Coast at Lang Park on August 8. If this is true, than I hope he knows what he is doing.

The Brisbane crowd was the 2nd highest last year. Gold Coast are unlikely to match Brisbane's averages to date because of the size of the stadium, its location, the demographics of the Gold Coast and the weight of sporting choice down there (see how the AFL Gold Coast team has hit the front pages and stolen key airtime by signing Brisbane Bronco Carmichael Hunt).

Miron is one of the A-League's best promoters - when he wants to be. If the crowd is say, sub 10,000 for the opener, does he really think this will not reverberate back on his club? Does he really value this type of Pyrrhic victory? And if he does, what is his real motivation?

It is success that breeds success.

Perhaps Miron should make his point - if the press reports are correct - by doing what he does best - getting out there are telling Brisbane people how good his team is and how it is going to beat theirs.

All we have seen from him so far is offers to buy Brisbane fans with cheap tickets.


Neil said...

I think a lot of people are tiring of the Miron/Clive show at the moment. I think they have to remember that are not an established team and really have know reason to throw their weight around. They have to earn some respect first before making demands.

john said...

It has gone way beyond that. FFA bought Gold Coast in to create a local SEQ derby. Gold Coast are saying they don't want that. So what do they want? To be the only team in SEQ?