Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A few comments on the A-League

1. Newcastle 1 v Adelaide 1 - another bellyflop with Adelaide scoring in 90 + 3:35. Leading to claims of poor time keeping. However, I think that was about the faceoff between Jamieson and Elrich. I thought maybe that kick went the wrong way and therefore og wouldn't have scored.

2. Charlie Miller seems to have lost his battle with the hernia. Miller taught Roar fans what a real striker is capable of. And even he seemed to loose confidence in his team mates occasionally. Due to Moore, whom the Roar could also loose after Christmas, the Roar has least goals conceded. But also one of the lowest scoring rates. Take out Miller's 7 and it doesn't look great.

3. Adelaide is concerned about its poor away scoring and is interviewing Nik Mrja from CCM. Look this isn't the players, it is the way they play away from home. And it is tedious for all. Adelaide are also after 2 Newcastle players including their star keeper Covic as Eugene is off to Japan. This type of pinching is poor form. Grow your own Adelaide.


Anonymous said...

Deal with it, that's how things roll in competitive football.

If you watch the footage, Elrich clearly kicks Jamieson whilst he is on the ground and tangles his legs around his head when Jamieson is trying to get up.


Anonymous said...

how stacked is CCM for strikers? sasho is still useful, then there is mcallister, simon and mrdja.

that`s 4 guys who are good enough to start for most a-league teams.

ok, mrdja is decrepit, but the talent is there. if his body is back in one piece, then he is too good to be sitting on CCMs bench.

I`d rather see him leading the line at AU.

if NQ offer tahj minniecon more cash and more time, i wouldn`t blame him for taking it. careers are short, he`d be mad not to.

we are gonna see more player movement. even more in 2010 when the next two teams come in. players are employees, just like anyone else. and they have the right to choose their employer.

it`ll be a while before a-league clubs are growing their own players. the youth league is a nice start, but a lot of talent will still come up through the state leagues and the academies.


ps. elrich looks like a wannabe tough guy with a short fuse. gonna waste his talent by playing angry and dirty.