Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sydney Fc 1 v Perth Glory 4: A few here for the post Christmas bargain basement bins...

Like the careers of John Aloisi and John Kosmina.

Aloisi turned his back on Central Coast Marina's fans and Kosmina made what he thought was a safe bet by buying Aloisi - the most expensive player in the A-League at $500,000, Collosimo from Perth and Mark Bridge from Newcastle. But oh dear. Collosimo very quickly was out for the season. And now neither Aloisi nor Bridge can get a full came. And Kosmina just hasn't got the team to play the latest 4-3-3 or 3-4-3 fashion. 4-4-1-$ (I mean 4-4-1-1) just didn't work tonight. Aloisi mist 2 open goals - the latter he was right on the line but couldn't get his feet working.

Sydney fans have had enough and booed Aloisi round the park, the team off at half time (0-2) and Aloisi off in the 60s. Still he showed character to stay with it.

Just where are all these new quality players coming from for next year. Newcastle are buying 10 plus, Gold Coast 23 - 5 foreigners, NQ Fury 23 - 5, Perth say 10. Youth league and state leagues or not - it just isn't adding up.

Perth has bought a Dutch international as a guest for its last games to replace Amaral who looked great but too old. But they haven't signed Dadi who may go to Newcastle for the Asian Champions League.

Meanwhile, Kosmina has now tried 30 players. I think with the new owners he must be thinking his time is nearly up - certainly if he doesn't make the finals. I think John Aloisi's career could be over too, looks like it was the CCM system that got him goals last year. Let's hope that Popas isn't over as well.

The good news for Roar fans is that with perhaps the A-League's biggest upset round ever, the Roar goes up from 3rd to 2nd without even playing. Howsthat?

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