Friday, December 19, 2008

Newcastle 4 v Victory 2: 'every night and day, I get down on my knees and pray, and say thank you.. '

Calling off Archie Thompson's goal for an off-side that wasn't was a let off that allowed Newcastle to score against the play and go in at half time 2-0. Then Matt Thompson got his third - first hat trick for the season (who would have thought?) - and Joel Griffith crossed for Song to get his first ever goal. Melbourne turn around and its 4-0.

But they came back. Particularly when Ney Fab came on. Anything could have happened in this match, that with the Wellington win, and the Adelaide-Roar bye keeps the top of the table really tight.

Newcastle youngsters looked great.


Anonymous said...

A good game from the Jets, a poor performance by the Victory and another ordinary refereeing effort.
To be fare the ref was pretty good for 70 minutes but for the last 20 he could not keep up with the game and started making poor decisions.

Anonymous said...

what`s your take on archie this season?

the last archie game i saw was his effort where he got sent off.


john said...

Hon. Clayton san
Archie is carrying an injury. He scored last night but the assistant thought it was offside - which is wasn't.

He has always had trouble playing 90 minutes.

He has a big heart and great personality. It was fantastic the day I bumped into him and the other Socceroos in Bris vagas - does that happen to England fans?

If I was Ernie merrick I'd play with 3 up front and start Ney Fab too - Archie creates, Allsopp occupies defenders, and Ney Fab is blunt.

Hamish said...

It's unusual to have a week off playing and move upwards on the table at the same time. I can relate to the headline John - The Roar gets its share of luck.