Sunday, December 14, 2008

Roar 2 v Newcastle 1 - very happy, game of the season

It didn't look like it for much of the first half. Newcastle looked desperate and the Roar looked slow. Almost dis-interested.

Then Newcastle scored on the counter. And Frank brought on Mitch Nichols for Andrew Packer. It changed the game. In earlier games Charlie Miller had been playing in Mitch Nichols shoes. Tonight Nichols slipped right in. He was go go go from the moment he was on.

In fact just before Mitch scored his wonderful sliding header right on half time, Tahj was caught walking into attack and missed an opportunity. Unfortunately Tahj looks like he can't make a full 90 minutes. He seems to give up too easily. Mitch does not give up. He is everywhere.

Van Dijk was really upsetting the fans. He missed 3 'must score' opportunities. It is funny how Foxtel call him. The camera angles make him look a much better player than he is. He just is too slow. Fullstop. Fortunately he scored a great winner on 90 plus 6 seconds. But not before Tommy Oar came on and electrified Lang Park. Tiatto, after nearly getting himself sent off in the first half, looked great in attack. Hitting the side post and then Zullo hit the bar - was it going to be the same old story - no Tiatto showed everyone how to do a cross and this time Van Dijk beat his man. Everyone said thanks be...

Ben Williams refing... oh dear.

Jobe Wheelhouse's send off - (he set up Joel Griffith in the first half) - I am expecting him to get 9 to 15 games as he clearly manhandled Ben Williams several times including a push in the back. So FFA are you going to be consistent??? Or are you going to let Jobe off the hook?

Moment of the match? 16 year old Tommy Oar putting Socceroo keeper Covic off his game and giving him a cheeky grin. priceless.

Mitch Nichols won this game for the Roar. Time to sign him.


john said...

I forgot - Oar tried a bicycle kick - I think Mitch did too - that's what the crowd needs...

Bill said...

Was this Tommy Oar's first league appearance for Roar? I've heard great things about the kid but never seen him play. How does he compare to Zullo? Nice blog by the way, I'll definitely keep an eye on it.

Neil said...

tsk, tsk. What no mention of the Roar W-League team winning the inaugural premiership? Doing something that the boys can't do.

john said...

Pleased to meet you.
Yes it was Tommy Oar's first Roar appearance in the A-League. He came on against the Brazilian team in the pre-season and looked fast but inexperienced.

He was the Qld league's player of the season and I think leading goal scorer. And you can see why - the way he was baiting Covic - Covic ended up have to crouch to get level with him. Great to see another forward running at defenders.
He turned 17 last Wednesday - Frank likes giving players birthday presents (Kruse for his 19th last year).

OK Neil.

Ed said...

Yep Bicycle kicks from Oar and Nichols. All the kids were great. And it was just fanstastic entertainment. I'm betting the crowds will start to build if htis keeps up.