Sunday, December 07, 2008

Newcastle 1 v Sydney 2

At the start of the season it appeared that Sydney had successfully raided the best of 3 other teams to create a power house - Bridge (Newcastle), Colossimo (Perth) and Aloisi (CCM). But through injury or poor form these three have barely contributed to their current position. Sydney FC's stand outs have been new players like Cole and now Gan.

Newcastle shares with Sydney the trauma of appearing, in the words of FC's Ian Fyfe, a team in transition. And given the demand for players next year it is very difficult to see either team repeating Sydney's, as it turns out pyrrhic, Bridge, Colossimo, Aloisi raid. 50% or more of the starting squad of both teams could be gone by next season. And the fans of both teams are likely to left wondering what happened.

Having said that, this game, in front of a financially painful 7,000 Newcastle fans, was about who goes into the last 7 rounds looking likely to qualify for the finals. And Sydney are still in a position to have Bridge, Colossimo and Aloisi pay off for them at the end and all could be forgiven.

Can anyone stop Adelaide? Other than their fatugue?


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Anonymous said...

this adelaide team has grown so much. the asian adventure has given them some real mojo. they have played in games that the other a-league teams can only dream about ...

one thing they have (well, on one side at least) is genuine drive from the fullbacks ... dunno about mullen/cornthwaite, but with jamison on the other linking with cassio they have got something going that they didn`t have at the start of the year.

and oggie is playing out of his skin atm.

i don`t think the roar get that much going forward from their fullbacks. packer? i think he is a squad player. unfair maybe, but that is my gut feeling. seo? his marauding days are over. could be a handy holding mid though.

the modern attacking team has got 9 or 10 attackers. at least one of the centrebacks has to have decent distribution. get more oomph out of the fullback spots and we`d unlock more teams, more easily methinks.

others have said it before, and i think it is a good idea - mckay\murdocca to the fullback slots?


ps. bring on teams 9,10, 11, and 12. if sydney lost that game, they are stuck in the basement and their coach is gone. they win and they are 3rd? they should have brought in two teams for this season - there are probably a range of reasons why crowds are down ... but i think 1 reason is that the league stayed at 8 teams for 2 long.