Thursday, December 25, 2008

John Aloisi

Players are human. You cut them and they will bleed.

It is difficult not to feel for John Aloisi. The pressure on him as a player, and possibly as a person, is significant. But it isn't something that he can't come out of as more of hero. Imagine if on his next start he scored three goals. Or even two.

He qualified Australia for the world cup. He didn't control the fact that he was there. Nor that he was able to step up for the kick that got us through. But he had the nerve to really belt it in. Good on him.

Then he wanted to bring his family to Australia. Who wouldn't? He was set to play with his brother in home town of Adelaide until Ross fell out of favour with the club. Then his agent approached the Roar. But the price was too high. Central Coast found the money was a star team was made. They won the competition and came second in the final.

Given his success, there was the opportunity to go to Sydney FC to capitalise on his match winning quality. Sydney were re-building to win the 4th season. John Aloisi was to be the marque of marques.

But with this comes expectation and pressure. And he picked up an injury in the pre-season. While he was out, Sydney did fairly well. his return was to push them into the lead. More pressure. And football is a very psychological game. Winning get a boost, they can play out of their skin, above their normal capability. bt if things start going against you. More pressure.

The Sydney had John out on the hustings. Interviewing with Hamish and Andy talking about how he was about to hit form... And more expectation...

He scores and celebrates. Particularly against his old team CCM...

Then mis-steps and slips against the team that has been down the bottom most of the season.
And ownership changes at Sydney FC.

According to Fox, the latest is a question from the Club along the lines of - do you want to play next year. Yes - he has a contract...

Whatever happens next. I will be thinking of John Aloisi the person. We all get ourselves into problems of our making and ... the making of others.

May be I have learnt something as well. Particularly when I get frustrated with some Roar strikers.

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Hamish said...

Nice one John, as long as you don't start thinking of Kosmina as a person.