Saturday, December 06, 2008

Central Coast 1 v Roar 1


It is hot and sticky up here. And had been hot as hell in Gosford. But it cooled down quite a bit in time for the game. Here it just got stickier and stickier. Speaking of which. The pitch was rubbish. And no one else is playing on it or waving their violins.

The Roar played their best half of football this season. And Sergio Van Dijk scored the goal of the season. A free kick between the box and half way. A flick on from Miller, at first Van Dijk seemed to have let it run too far then bang. It's in the bang of the net. CCM were left saying 'what the'. In the first half Van Dijk was in play and also had his best half.

The main comment on CCM is that Sasho Petrovski needs to unlearn diving. And if you air-swing and dive, don't yell at the ref. You could get booked. He didn't. He was lucky. So were a couple of CCM defenders who in that first half dove in with their studs but only got yellows.

CCM really missed Matt Simon. He is the best player in the A-League. A wing player, great crosser - Petrovski really missed that, and an out and out goal scorer. The Roar still need a player like him. Where are you Robbie (are you going to North Qld?, Looks like Minniecon may as his uncle is involved with the Fury, a real blow to the Roar).

Zullo was also out. I assume injured as the speculation was that Packer was going to make way with 3 at the back. But both teams played 4-4-2 in the first half. The Roar missed Zullo. Too many passes didn't get to their player in the final third. Particularly, in the 2nd half.

In the 2nd half it was all CCM. Except that their final third looked weak. Even when they went back to 4-3-3 with Mrdja on and Gumprect pushing forward. It was Gumprect who scored. Another scorcher.

For the Roar, against the play, Murdocca created an opportunity in the box. And should have scored himself. But passed to an unmarked Van Dijk who was way too slow and could only manage to put the ball into his defender. In the 2nd half Van Dijk had run out of puff. But it was Minniecon who was subbed.

And Charlie Miller. Copped a crunching tackle early in the game. He played the full game. But CCM had him under control. Maybe the Youth leagues top scorer Chris Grossman should have been given his chance? There is a presence I guess.

Tiatto came off in the 2nd half - I saw him at training a couple of weeks back 'play with the hand break on?' he asked the conditioning coaches. 'Both brakes' they replied. He looked professional. And it was his replacement Ben Griffin who gave away the fatal free kick and was on the wrong side of Casaras as Gumprects shot rifled passed. Humm. Where is Mundy?


Anonymous said...

i reckon mundy has done enough to get game time ... if not at the roar than somewhere else.


ps. funny thing - the team that adelaide beat from japan (kashima antlers) just became champs, while the team that wiped the floor with adelaide (ganba osaka) ran out of puff and finished 9th. they both have nice pretty trophies ...
but the idea that ganba`s games against adelaide showed that the j-league was too good seem a bit strange. adelaide could handle the champs, but not osaka.

john said...

Yep. Just like Adelaide were, relatively, struggling in the A-League as they were progressing through the ACL. But now it has finished they are way too strong.