Saturday, November 29, 2008

Perth belly flop: Perth 2 v CCM 2

Across this season and last, Perth probably have the worst record for closing out games. After being down 0-1 at half time - against the run of play, Perth displayed brilliance to get Nik R two goals. The second could be the team goal of the season - passing back and forth Trinidad, Nik, Trinidad, Nik, Dadi set up Nik

Bograad is sent off for a studs up from behind on Trinidad.

Then wollop against the run of play, CCM with everyone playing striker get level at 90 plus 2 with 1 to go. Petrovski scores as a sub. Could have been offside but it counts anyway. And CCM stay in the race.

Perth have real keeper problems. They have tried 3, none seem to have it.

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