Sunday, December 28, 2008

Victory 3 v Sydney 2: Melbourne push Kosmina out of the way...

I just heard this on my local radio:
'And Melbourne scored 3 unanswered goals to beat Sydney 3, 4, 2.'

Oh we have come so far. It is like the basketball call you get if you watch a MSL game.

It wasn't so much Melbourne as Danny Allsopp. Shouldered off the ball by Middleby he ran straight into John K with his hip and shoulder. Take that. And Kosmina was banging head on the chair legs.

The earlier story had been Cole being found by Middleby with space in and around the right hand top of the box, and Cole being able to hook the ball up and over the Melbourne defence and curl it above the keeper and in. That was about 30 seconds. Within 4 minutes, Gan had made it two from way outside the box. Before half time Archie got one back from a quickly taken free kick - running into the box unmarked and swivel kick. Into the middle of the second half Nicky Ward came on as a sub, and bam leveled it from way outside the box with his second touch of the ball. John Aloisi was waiting to come on at the time. Nay Fab looked dangerous from his entry. He didn't come to the A-League and its cap to fool around - and scrambled the winning running onto a far post ball.

Hernandas' club is asking $1m for him to stay here. So I'd say his is off.

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