Thursday, October 14, 2010

Reducing foreign players from 5 to 4 next season...

Late start - obvious.

FFA Cup with State Leagues - great move.

Late finish and maintaining 3 match-ups - very poor move.

Reducing foreign players from 5 to 4 - not sure about this one. Could signal reduction in teams to 10 and therefore increased local players. If 11 or 12 teams go forward, better to limit Wellington to 5 foreign players and free up Australian players that way. Unfortunately, foreign players are among fan favourites. And there is less likely to be what Fox is looking for in Asian players - and what about Asian Cup qualifiers looking to boost their teams...

Sydney Morning Herald:

The FFA has also heeded the advice of technical director Han Berger by reducing the number of A-League import spots from five to four for next season. Berger has been an outspoken critic of the number of sub-par foreigners in the competition, arguing their selection is hindering opportunities for local youngsters.'

The reality is that more foreign players will get Australian citizenship. These football people just see the A-League as a feedlot for possible Socceroos. They seem to care little for fans. And that is the problem.

FFA, please start making decisions based on thorough market analysis by segment.

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