Saturday, October 30, 2010

Grandmaster Miron and the Furious Roar

The future of Queensland's A-League teams?

However, anyone else think that Miron has been really quiet this year - only real quote was that FFA may have to think about the future of Gold coast next season.

And Fury can not take a trick with FFA. I thought the Bosnich 'mic'ed' idea was a good. At least it would have showed something was happening for the fans. And I also think given that it it appears to have been... well it wasn't their fault they went to Newcastle - 2 plane trips there and back - for no game, Stuart Mac coaching this week at home would have been reasonable - for the fans.

How should the Roar re-build their reputation with Brisbane? It is not just about great football and winning. There is something intangible. A real demonstration that they know about and care about their fans.

And then there is Australia's Sporting Industrial Complex, including the media with its vested interests in NRL and AFL.

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