Thursday, October 21, 2010

Brisbane 2 v Central Coast 0 - Come on let's go!

Watch out Melbourne Victory, you beat us 3-0. We want that back. We are after Adelaide. How could they afford van Dijk?

Ange has proved his point. Now the Brisbane press need to get behind the team.

ABC 612 did this morning.

A team this good needs local support.

Come on let's go.

What about the cleverness of Broich? The screamer from Ivan Franjic?

But mid week your competing against Paul Weller - well well well, things are really hotting up now.


Hamish said...

'Twas an excellent game.

orangecrush said...

One of the best all round performances in 6 years. McKay has really gone up a level this year - holds teh ball really well and passing has imporved dramatically - unfortunately if he keeps going, a European move would not be out of the question. Love the way the bring the ball out of defence so easily. Smith is so much better than Moore was in his last season. Would like to see Steffanuto take on the last defender occasionally when he overlaps. Preferred Barbarousos when he played back and wide - he doesn't think fast enough around the box, in traffic, to be a top striker. Murdocca - always takes the defensive option of turning back rather than go thru the hole.

john said...

Thanks Hamish
Thanks Orangecrush

Moore was rubbish last year - the op caught up with him