Sunday, October 03, 2010

CCM 3 v NQ Fury 2 - pity about the ref

This year the standard of play has reached a new hight. And a whole series of new refs have been used by FFA. Some, including the guy for this match, making comical errors of judgement.

And it looks like Fury - a team that must survive if the A-League is to in its current format and to help the Socceroos in Asia - are going to pay the price. Read here.

The Fury have as strong a fan base as any team bar the Victory and possibly Perth. They bring something different that adds to other teams performances. Look at CCM, the Fury really forced them to lift and entertain a crowd that had turned out in the cold and wet.

The A-League is about entertainment - not some complex idea about development of players and refs.

Time is running out for the FFA to get this.

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