Saturday, October 09, 2010

Fury provide a strange response to promoting the game in NQ

Stuart McLaren is one of the most articulate and effective promoters of the A-League.

He has done a great job creating interest for the Fury. He is the only member of any of the Queensland teams' coaching staff that I have heard on Brisbane radio.

The Fury, owned and run by the FFA, have banned him speaking to the media for 2010-11. This is incredibly short sighted and is shooting the team in the foot. Poor move.

Read it here.

Perhaps it is an attempt to protect Coach Straka?

At this level, McLaren's actions were to protect the reputation of Fury in the NQ market. Let's hope that the Fury's actions don't damage fans' interest in the team. But perhaps the bigger picture is sacrificing McLaren ('here punish this guy but let the popular coach go') to protect new local hero Straka.

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