Sunday, October 17, 2010

Brisbane 1 v Newcastle 1

This is always a tough match up. And for this season, it exposed Brisbane's weakness - just like in the Victory match - they find it difficult when teams match their passing style and press high. Newcastle did this in the first part of the first half and forced an own goal.

Newcastle wanted a point - so they defended for the rest of the game. If they had kept pressing there may have been an upset.

Having said that, Brisbane did play brilliantly in the middle third and most of the final third with the exception of actually scoring.

Fans throughout the Roar's history will be familiar with the stats from the game of 72% possession and 22 shots to 4 and then not winning. At least in this game they drew. But there was something different. One more piece of magic and this was going to be 4-1.

Pity about Wednesday games. And pity it will be Central Coast. You want teams like this to fully recover and go again.

Plus the A-League needs teams like this watched in prime time, not hidden on a Wednesday.


orangecrush said...

I thought we were on top even in the first 20 minutes. Had a few chances even before the own goal. We always struggle when we go a goal down because teams crowd their box as we are not a threat from mid to long range. Thought we were excellent for most of the game. Only downside was that I thought Visconte was very ordinary. Would far rather have seen Nichols on the field for the last 20 minutes (even tho' he wasn't great up until he went off). He's at his best when the defence is tiring. Still not sure about Barabarousos. When's Enrique back?

john said...

Mitch is better off the bench like Michael Baird was in season 1.

I think the team is gelling and Nichols and Barabarouses are part of that.

Reinaldo needs to score some serious goals - his header went towards that...