Sunday, October 03, 2010

Perth 1 v Brisbane 2 - Mitch emerges - Man of Match with 30 Minute performance that turned the game

The headlines are 'Roar edge Glory late' but in the second half Perth hardly saw the ball. The official stat says the Roar had 54%, in the second half they may have had 80%. So much for must win for Perth. Brisbane should have had another 6, or at least 6. They actually scored 3 legal goals, but poor assistant referring robbed Mitch Nichols of a fair goal, and for some reason he was given a yellow card too. The replay showed he was onside by about two meters.

For a match in which Perth's strategy was 'kick it long' or 'kick them' - the card count is all wrong (Perth 18 fouls to Brisbane 10). Ref Ben Williams only gave out 3 cards - the 2 to Brisbane were clearly wrong - the goal to Mitch and for a 'dive' to Paartalu and yet the replay showed he was fouled.

If 2 weeks ago Brisbane were too predictably short passing, here Perth's myopic 'biff' strategy was found out. So much talent - just wasted. Including the speedy, youth team contractor, Ryan Pearson. Fowler couldn't get near the ball.

Crowd - 9,700.


orangecrush said...

I agree with your comments on Nichols - he was outstanding. I thought McKay's passing game was great too. One of the most dominant midfield games I've seen in the A-League. And, how good is Matt Smith? He's made our central defence twice as solid as it was with (one)Moore (thanksh barman)playing there.

john said...

Thanks orangecrush. Moore was only really effective for season 2008-9, before the repercussions of his condition set in.