Friday, October 15, 2010

NQ Fury 2 v Perth Glory 1

Fury were by far the better team. And Straka is by far the better coach.

If Perth were getting rid of Mitchell, why didn't they go the whole way and exit Ferguson too? Clearly Glory need new thinking, the A-League has moved way on from their kick the ball, kick the opponent style. Why is Jacob Burns see as Socceroo potential?

The linesman didn't know what he was doing with offside. A fairer score, just on correct offside calls would have been 4-0 to Fury.

And if Straka is going to be banned for touching a ref, why wouldn't Michael Baird be? Baird can be seen making the same level of contact on the ref when he got his yellow card.

Fury is a team we need in the A-League. It would be very unfair if Glory got to buy Hughes and others from Fury cheap to try and patch up what is a poor history of bad coaching for Perth.

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