Saturday, October 23, 2010

Brisbane 2 v Victory 1 - Aim High (like water needs a flower)

Victory outplayed Brisbane at their game. Pushing high and playing a quick passing game.

The only negative for Melbourne is that their new no 9 has been found out as a diver. if he is not careful, sooner or later he will get a 2 week ban.

Brisbane had very few opportunities and rarely got into position where a shot was on. But the standout for was - Luke Devere 'playmaker'. Early in the second half he ran rings around about 4 Victory players. Then later he cut through the middle and an inch perfect tackle stopped his shot, providing Solorzance the opportunity to slam home.

If Victory had drawn this match or even won it (both outcomes could have been justified by the way they played), it would have been down to Muscat. He was brilliant. It was amazing how he could pull the shirt of a player (usually Reinaldo) or slam into their back in such a way that the ref saw no problem. It is a real skill.

There were about 30 travelling Victory fans who were very vocal at first and then when Kruse equalised out of nowhere (soft goal Roar) early in the second half. However, security and then the police made sure they were very quiet as the game rolled on.

Only about 9,000 tonight. It shows 2 things, how damaged the Roar brand was last year by tipping the club upside down, and how poor the game scheduling is this year. 7:45pm is too late. And the next home game is the 'top of the table' clash with Adelaide. Guess what time - 8:15pm. Rubbish. How are you going to get maximum kids to that? Most will not get home till well after 11pm. And in Adelaide the game will be on between 8:45 and 10:45 and elsewhere 9:15 and 11:15.

This is rubbish viewing time. Get the games back in prime time FFA.


orangecrush said...

I really enjoyed this game - top quality from both sides - particularly first half. Good to see an 'away' team come to Suncorp to win. Congratulations to Victory and their supporters for making this a top night. Brisbane clearly won the fist half, Victory the second.

Murdocca remains a concern for me - he offers no attacking threat whatsoever. Compare what de Vere did on the ball with the inability of Murdocca to beat a player or pass the ball in a forward direction. As soon as he gets the ball near the box defences know that he can't shoot or take anyone on.

Would like to see Reinaldo and Solarzano in tandem at some stage.

Overall, Roar got the 7 points they deserved from the last 3 games - just that a win over the Jets and a draw last night would have been more representative of the games.

orangecrush said...

By the way, I think another negative for MV was that they lost!

Did you miss the first half JB? - Reinaldo header, Paartalu header, Broich shot from 6 yards, brilliant save from Petkovic to deny Reinaldo side foot? Plus Franjic miss in he second half from 6 yards. Stats say MV had one less shot (total) and one more on target than Roar. Very even I thought.

The whole draw and scheduling is a joke, clearly done with the aid of coloured balls or darts. Why the need to play 2 mid week games in a row??

john said...

Thanks orangecrush
I saw it live and watched the replay as well yesterday and saw these Roar shots. My reporting / non-reporting shows I was there - behind the 'away' end - couldn't see much up the other end.

We thought Murdocca was fouled in the box - and the replay showed Muscat may have tripped him.

What I did see - right in front of me was Devere's performance - great! brilliant! redemption.

And someone yelled 'Hey Muscat can you pull your shorts up any higher?' and he waved - very funny.

orangecrush said...

Yes it was a shame all the action was at the other end (both halves). We also were at the away end. I thought Muscat was very restrained - a couple of times I thought he was going to clean someone up and he pulled out. Overall MV were far less physical than CCM on Wednesday. I love the way deVere sees a hole open up and just slides though it - der Kaiser of Suncorp?!

john said...

the best goal was at our end