Thursday, October 28, 2010

Do the FFA survey

They are asking about:

- FFA cup - want it? who and when?
- season length and when (uses jargon - 'window') - too long? too short? after NRL/AFL?
- marquee players - effective? good enough?
- club customer service to fans and reaching out

And a range of other things.

But they don't allow you to click multiple boxes - like I go to matches with my son and my friends - but it only allowed me to say one or the other. And it didn't allow me to say the 'fan-made' ads are good but a shot in the foot because key stadiums will not allow fans to do some of the things that the ads say you can do.


orangecrush said...

Yeah, I agree - and only 25 words to say what would improve a-league.
I wanted to make the following suggestion for the Cup. I reckon, play early rounds of Cup (State League clubs) starting in say April (start earlier if you want lower divisions involved) with final 32 including all A-League Clubs starting around July/August. Hold the Cup Final a weekend or 2 after the NRL Grand Final and then kick off the A-League the following week.

Pros - State League Clubs have a real chance as they are match fit; pre-season publicity for the A-league; get focus immediately off AFL/NRL with the Cup Final. Could give away a free A-League ticket with every ticket bought for a 'final 32' cup match. Free admission to Cup Games for every A-league season ticket holder.

john said...

Sounds like a good idea