Sunday, August 01, 2010

Slater Slater balmes FFA, unfortunately soccer fans don't have payTV

The Story is here.

The World Cup hasn't led to interest this time round. That needs free to air games.

Also Slater seems to be writing off Brisbane:

'No excuses for coach Ange Postecoglou after his big cleanout. Still it's going to be a big test, both on and off the field, for the club. Tommy Oar and striker Sergio van Dijk are significant losses for the Roar.'
Actually, Oar helped with the fans but Zullo had many more fans and the club used both van Dijk and Craig Moore in its promotion (to little impact). The big problem on the field last year was Craig Moore's poor form. Sorry he wasn't very good. And he was exposed by signing the dud Bob Malcolm.

Brisbane is Australia's untapped summer market. Unfortunately there are vested interested in the established codes. And when those codes don't perform for the fans...

Why is Brendan Fevola still in the press? The AFL know that while that have made sure Gold Coast is a success, the fans live in Brisbane. I recon Fevola has been featured in the Brisbane press more prominently that any other human being. More than Prime Ministers and even successful sports people. Why?

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