Saturday, August 28, 2010

Brisbane 1 v Wellington 0

Brisbane have proved that their new possession based approach is real.

Wellington, on the other hand, had very little. I was surprised to read some reviews today suggesting they were slightly the better team. In reality they had few answers. Coach Herbert had to resort to his old tactic of complaining to the 4th official. But it was his team that showed poor discipline and nasty tackling in place of skill. No wonder Herbert was so cheesed off at questions about Kosta. Surely he would wish for Kosta over the hapless McAlister.

With the Fevola experiment failing for the AFL at the Lions and the Broncos tanking, the Roar now have a real chance to draw back fans to the game.

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orangecrush said...

Wellington were quite dangerous on the counter and Pavlovic looked very good when he came on. The Roar's performance was not as good as their first two games but at least they seem to have learned how to grind out a result in the close ones. Broich could be as good a digning as Hernandez is for Melbourne - he's is very influential. The defence is much safer without Moore standing in the middle with his hand in the air. Smith is the most under-rated A-league player at the moment. Barbarousos and Nichols give too much ball away but can also be quite dangerous. McKay's passing in the final third has improved. 7,340 people to a Wellington game was ok - up on last year by quite a bit I think?
Has Murdocca put on 5kg?