Sunday, August 22, 2010

Beelzebubs letters to Lavicka on the squad for last night

Liam Reddy - drop to bench - hire Danny V former CCM

Seb Ryall - nearly there

Stephan Keller - make Captain best player on team

Hayden Foxe - too old too slow to play at the back (can he play striker?)

Stuart Musialik - keep

Nick Carle - hmmm maybe this is why he didn't get many games in England? Returning players should reward their fans and return to their original clubs - Newcastle

Kofi Danning
- great prospect but he was very isolated, can see why they tried to buy Sergio Van Dijk (who is wasted at Adelaide) - why did you let Chris Payne go he was your best last year (Brosque is done)

Terry McFlynn - we have seen all he has to offer - should have tried harder to keep other players and free up a foreign spot

Scott Jamieson - one of Australia's best prospects, needs to keep his temper under control, perhaps should have gone for overseas experience rather than turning on fans

Sung Hwan Byun - good prospect, not there yet

Rhyan Grant
- missing at key times?

Shannon Cole - needs to be starting (last 9 minutes)
Brendan Gan - needs to start (last 20 minutes)
Hiro Moriyasu - sorry didn't notice his 13 minutes

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