Saturday, July 31, 2010

This Wellington free kick should be stopped

Either Wellington is a New Zealand team and it can have 5 foreigners, a maximum of 5 Australians and no one else from another country. Or, it should be 'deemed' an Australian team and have its New Zealanders included as foreigners. Or, better yet allow all A-League teams to have as many New Zealanders as they want.

Allowing Wellington to sign Socceroo Jade North as a regular 'local' player when Australian based teams are struggling to get their squads to 20 is wrong. North Queensland still only has 19 players.

If New Zealand players are the same as Australian players for Wellington, it should be the same for every A-League club.

For Brisbane, this would mean another foreign spot is opened as Kosta would be re-classified from foreign to local.

But seriously how many young New Zealanders are missing out for more experienced Australians? Didn't some of the World Cup squad include New Zealand local leaguers?


Matt Greenlaw said...

Interesting. I think I'm happy with the way things are. Eventually I would like to see a second NZ team and therefor give more opportunities to NZ players. In saying that, there wouldn't be much harm in making New Zealand players count as domestic players, as let's be honest, there's not a great deal to begin with!

john said...

Thanks Matt