Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Ange is tight lipped, but an upset is on

I think the Gold Coast's preparation is patching. And there is trouble in their camp. It appears owner Clive Palmer may sell, skipper Jason Culina is having second thoughts about the A-League and goal scorer Smeltz wants to go to Europe (before he is too old or has a bad season).

Brisbane coach Ange put in a good performance on ABC Offsiders on Sunday. But he has too. When asked if the Roar would be 'surprise' improvers or 'celler dwellers', he merely said he was happy with the pre-season. He will now stand or fall on the team's onfield performance. He has done his job.

I recon an upset is possible. I think Gold Coast's pre-season has been limited. I think they are hiding some cracks. A real upset Sunday.

This was the game I wanted to see. mainly for vengeance for Boxing day. But I am coaching.... Still I will get home to watch most of the first half on TV.

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