Thursday, August 19, 2010

Goal Weekly: Still $4

Wow. Last year we saw the printed media on the A-League dry up. Even 442 Australia kept their A-League content in print to a minimum and pushed to the web and fan based blogs. But this is an old fashioned, grass roots publication. It has some dollars in production, it is paper and tabloid but great. Weekly - Monday in most locations.

I haven't heard of the authors but that is OK. You aren't reading the same old story which many in the soccer journalism game have fallen into - from Ray Gatt down (what can you write once you have written the league off?).

Goal covers every A-League game just played. Predictions for the next weekend. Some history of the game in Australia. Then the focus is Victorian state leagues and junior scores.

Some great ads.

Goals is refreshing. 5 stars.

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