Friday, August 20, 2010

Adelaide 3 v Melbourne Heart 2

Hindmarsh was a skating rink.

But Heart where awkward. Better but still they seem to play to fancy for their skills. And their defence, which on paper sounds like one of the best in the league - Beauchamp, Colossimo - is brittle.

Van Dijk got injured in the warm up. But Leckie and Iain Ramsay (2 goals) could keep him out for good. It is almost as if Van Dijk is missing Brisbane. he started badly here and turned it around but I can't see that happening twice.

On the upside for Heart, this was their best game. Skoko is out for 6 weeks. But that may be a positive. Worm and Sibone started to look good.

Gee the A-League squads are thin now.

Both sides were not quite good enough to play the way they tried to.

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