Saturday, August 21, 2010

Brisbane 1 v Sydney 0

Brisbane played like the defending champions and Sydney like they came 2nd last. Brisbane should have had 4 and indeed did get an early goal that Reddy pretended didn't cross the line.

Paartalu and Broich look great. Barbarousus has potential. Mitch is back to his original best. Henrique did a good job. Great goal - heaps of lead up work - from McKay.

Roar play well.

Pity crowd was only 10,333. Is a low for the first home game and for games v Sydney. Grass roots work with clubs does not produce fans. Maybe winning at home will?


Ed said...

A few more goals like that will bring the fans in! Mighty Matty!
ps were you at the game? - thought I saw you on Fox (well, on my pixelated internet stream). Not sure though as I've only seen you photos.

john said...

No Ed
watched from my seat at home - long story that one.