Sunday, August 08, 2010

Sydney 3 v Melbourne 3 - I must admit we had a laugh but that is all it was and nothing more

watch Mr Melbourne - Kevin Muscat - great laugh (tried some fancy footwork in the 6 yard box and gave the ball away for Sydney's first goal - made up for it later with what he does best - nutting players).

Mate Dugandzic is the A-League's new star with a goal and an assist.

Luck gives no change. Sydney did not ride their luck. Easy goals to Sydney - really skilful ones to Melbourne.

Most disappointing of the crowd, only 12,000 in a city of 5 million when the 2 dominant teams in the A-League play the opening game in prime time. Not good. Whatever offseason promotion there was has not paid off for Sydney. This is the best fans can expect from them.

Sorry, just reminds me of the business opportunity that Brisbane was. If only they had spent all that money on players... taken a calculated business risk... but 'baby that was years ago... '

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Dave said...

Agree that the 12,000 crowd was nothing short of disgraceful for a grand final replay. In my opinion this only reinforces the fact that if the world cup does come to Australia, the final MUST be played in Melbourne. In saying this, the FFA head honchos will insist it belongs in Sydney.