Saturday, August 07, 2010

Perth 3 v Fury 3 - Fury shine

In front of Perth's biggest ever A-League crowd - they had turned up to see Fowler (that is way you need a marquee) - Fury outplayed Perth.

Dave Mitchell lived up to his reputation as a nice guy but not much chop as a coach. Long balls every time. Yet North Queensland, Chris Payne (yep from Sydney FC), Dave Williams and Chris Grossman 90 + 2 (from left back) all got goals.

But the game changer has Fury's new centre back - who survived the bus shooting in the Africa Cup of Nations - Eric Akoto. You will hear more of this guy. He plays hard particularly up front for set pieces (including a deliberate kick that only got a yellow. He was great.

The refs this year are going to let more go - it is about please the fans. The Adelaide v Newcastle game showed that all ins are OK. Boring 0-0 in that game.

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