Monday, January 25, 2010

Brisbane v Sydney Saturday 6pm - last home game, last game at Suncorp?

I suspect the FFA has been channelling money into Brisbane. This match is critical to the future of the club. Season ticket holders will already be considering next year's investment.

The club is using its limited resources to go out in style.

Next season it is clear that more must be done to win over the local press that seems to spend more time promoting Gold Coast that the Brisbane club.

Much will hinge on the ability of the FFA to broker a new owner to take at least control, probably 100%.

A sour Robbie Fowler exit could impact all clubs ability to hire overseas players next year. And the Roar needs to buy a massive overseas player to catch the attention of a market that has clearly now turned away.

Without major changes there doesn't seem to be much point to the Club returning to Suncorp. Most fans have already factored in a move to Ballymore or QE2. Suncorp has done little for the club and less for the fans - while being a great place for away teams to play and the FFA to boost about. Still, any move will make travel to games harder for many fans and gate-take numbers should be expected to fall again.


Hamish said...

You are right that we should expect gate takings to fall when we move to another venue, but I think that could be short term.

The bottom line will be able to improve even with cheaper tickets and special deals and give-aways. Meanwhile I think the atmosphere coulb be genuinely cool. More intimate, unpretentious - much more something people would want to belong to and feel ownership of.

Even if getting numbers back to 10,000 takes a while, I'd prefer to be building with that than the situation at Suncorp.

Cheers John.

john said...

Thanks Hamish

I agree. The issue will be about whether sponsors will be happy with the exposure and the quality of players they can afford.