Monday, January 04, 2010

It's a tough tough world, And you've got to be tough in it, Tough in it.

It is one thing for Craig Moore to throw his weight and reputation around. Telling the club that has been representing the fans that have been paying his wages that it is 'him (Ange) or me'.

It is quite another for the Roar to tell the world that this has been said to them 'At least twice.'

Did they think how this would sound to fans and potential fans? Did they think about Moore's motives?

The Roar has adopted an attitude of 'If they don't want to play for us, by our rules, they should go now.'

And yet it seems that they have both played into Moore, Reddy and Miller's giving them what they want - guilt free. And turned off more loyal fans. And given the Gold Coast the gift of being in the box seat to negotiate with Moore and Miller and draw closer to its target of winning Roar fans.

What Frank Farina would have done? I watched Frank gradually moving a number of players towards the door. Not one did he allow go before it was in the Roar's interest for them to do so. Not only is this basic negotiation, this is also very sporting. And pays due respect to your fans. Under Frank, no one left before the end of the season - not Ognesovski, Lynch, Wedau nor Marchino. (I spoke to Wedau at the end of the season - he still thought he was getting another season poor guy) They all paid their dues. The fans got the players they had paid for.

The inside rumour has been that Moore wanted to go to the Gold Coast from the time it was an idea in the form of Gold Coast Galaxy.

Moore was always welcome to go to the World Cup. For him to leave and go play for his local club would have been hard to pull off. How could he go there as anything less than a marquee (which the Gold Coast were not going to accept)? Well he outsmarted the Roar. He got them to announce the reason why it was OK for him to play for GCFC. He can't get on with Ange!!! This is after Ange had publicly bent over backwards saying he wanted Craig next year and how great he is.

So if even Ange is saying Craig is great, what Craig says must be spot on. Particularly when it is 'I could do better than the coach.' Plus there is no evidence that he is wrong.

Miller and Reddy should have been sat at home, gagged with statement from the club that they were injured and hoping to return soon. Or they should have been called to account for breach of contract. Fans respect that.

Fans want a strong club - like Adelaide (pre-the loss of their owner) or Central Coast or ....

How did the Roar get themselves in this pickle? Clearly they need new ideas and advisors.

What they should have done was said 'Craig is going to the World Cup, he is on loan with another club to facilitate this. We desire and are planning for his return next year.' Then Craig would have have had to make his own statement about what he thought about the Roar, or explained why he had signed for (say) Gold Coast. And guess what, the Roar would have looked like they had done the right thing and Craig would have been seen to have done the wrong thing. And Ange would not have been damaged.

Right now, the Roar's management have gifted Ange with another problem, they have issued a press statement that implies that their coach can not win the confidence of his players.


Hamish said...

Maybe Frank did have too much influence at the Club.

Maybe that was because he actually knew about football and the football world.

john said...

Yes Hamish
these guys seem wet behind the ears

Neil said...

"Fans want a strong club - like Adelaide (pre-the loss of their owner) or Central Coast or .... "


Ed said...

Yeh Gloat Neil... actually you have a point. To be honest i think the fans deserved an explanation about why Moore was leaving, he forced the club's hand, to just let him slip off after the world cup would have infuriated fans.

john said...

Thanks Neil - yes Melbourne. It would be good if the FFA and club had taken the steps with Brisbane that have been taken for Melbourne. I worked for Geoff Lord a while back and he is one of the few people in Australia who has the flare and experience to make a sporting team profitable. Very few, outside the USA where they know about franchising, are. I remember seeing him at a Roar game in season one. he saw the potential Brisbane had when the QRoar board were stopping Miron from spending any money. In season 2, Lordy splashed out.

Ed it may have infuriated some fans but what they have ended up with is worse. It was very interesting watching Fox Sports FC avoiding giving any details other than saying there is more to play out on Moore leaving. My point is the Moore always intended to leave the Roar - Ange gave him a 'reason' to use publicly - and Brisbane fell for it.

I think it is a great shame that the Roar does not have the owners and management that could give Brisbane the team it deserves. And after creating a disaster by bringing in 2 new un-viable teams in Qld, the FFA doesn't seem to care less. It is the billionaire at the Gold Coast they are bailing out rather than where the potential fans are in Brisbane. Shame.

john said...

Happy to be wrong, but I think that Moore's comments and the club's public statements now make Ange an 'interim' coach - and Moore will be happy with that. He has already said he would be happy to come back as coach.

Andrew said...

I believe that the club needed a shake up and Ange has done it. Moore hasn't been playing well for a while now and looks as if his hearts not in it so losing him doesn't seem like such a big deal (plus the club saves some money). I think he should be replaced by Kisnorbo in the national team as well.

Brisbane wern't playing well under Farina this season, and apart from the heavy loss to Gold Coast, have been playing a much better style of football under Ange (in my opinion). I like the fact that he's giving the younger guys a go, and not playing unfit older players just because of their reputation or because of personal friendships.

To blame dwindling crowds on the new coach or the departure of players doesn't seem right either. The first game of the season had a fairly big crowd. Those people need to stick by their team and rock up to games week in and week out regardless of results or politics if Brisbane is to stand a chance of survival.

john said...

Thanks Andrew
I appreciate your view point. But I think fans think they have waited long enough (5 years) for a viable club to emerge. Now we know that FFA are insisting they play Lang Park next year we know that Brisbane are not going to be able to afford the quality of players you need to win the A-League. 'The right style of play' does not win matches look at the result today.

john said...

Oh and for some games it seemed that only Tiatto cared about the result. He got fined for his views in the Courier Mail.

Andrew said...

Can't argue with that. . .