Friday, January 01, 2010

Left me standing like a naughty school boy

It is pretty amazing that the Roar would allow the story that Craig Moore rang from the Middle east to say that he would come back next year if Ange left, was allowed to get out. It isn't surprising as a story. But unless you think that any news is good news, you don't want stories like that out there.

Seems now that the decision to go was probably made a while a go and what we have been hearing is rhetoric. Puts real pressure on the club to announce some big and positive news.

There next story is who else feels the same way as Moore including how many fans.

I went to the movies yesterday and surprised by the adverts for the Roar and the A-League. It will be interesting to see what the big picture strategy is. There are only 2 home games left. Surely the energy needs to be on the Sydney game (30 January), traditionally a 30,000 crowd game and getting the off season fan acquisition strategy right. Without many players that fans know and poor table positioning, will that game prove hard to attract fans to?

Next season's player acquisition strategy must be seen as means to an end to building a viable club.

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